About Us

Not many firms in this industry can boast an average >17 years experience per staff member, with minimum experience level at 11 years.  We’ve been around this block a few times.  The current leadership is the firm’s 3rd generation.  Parrish-O’Neill was founded emphasizing effective results through strong values.  These traits continue to be our foundation and daily drive, the result being an established, reputable, and highly recognized organization.

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Many insurance buyers simply seek lowest cost, but we’ve seen the shortcomings of that narrow acquisition strategy.  Savvy aviation insurance buyers realize that product supply (policies / choice of underwriters) is the same through most aviation-focused brokers.  These buyers recognize the benefit of having a professional friendship with their insurance provider who will focus on the buyer’s best interest in Risk Management strategies (Safety Management, Loss Control, Contract Review, etc.), while providing competitive pricing.  Our size and selectivity allow us to provide a customer-centric emphasis in program marketing, policy service, and most especially claims advocacy.  We have succeeded through referral marketing for over six decades.  We are confident you will find no equivalent, which probably explains our longevity.

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Jack Bartels originated the firm in 1952 as H. Jack Bartel & Associates, one of the first insurance agencies in the world dedicated to aviation.  He chose Mount Vernon as a base due to its central location in a state home to one of the most vibrant private/general aviation regions in the USA at the time.  Noel Parrish joined in 1968, then Peter O’Neill in 1972 when Mr. Bartels retired.  David Rigg joined in 1988 and Mr. Parrish retired shortly thereafter.  Scott Kennedy came aboard in 1998 and Mr. O’Neill retired one year later.

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Long-term success speaks for itself; must be doing something right.  Our current generation has embraced technology and IT solutions more than any other aviation broker.  We created an interactive internet-based website that allows customers to access documents and update data whenever they wish.  New features will continue to be added as technology demands evolve.  We stay ahead of the curve while many peers await home office approval.

If you’re a current customer, email Scott to get your username / password today.  To explore, click on the icon to the right, and log-in as johndoe / jd1234 and check it out for yourself.